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    Mary's Feed and Farm is a local, family-owned and operated, drive-thru feed and farm supply store.  Mary opened the original store in 1999 on Washington Ave in Newport.  In 2005, after quickly outgrowing that location, she moved the store over to the old Diamond Lumber Mill building in Oldtown.  The much larger building is the perfect setting for a drive-thru, full-service feed store.

    In 2021, after more than 22 years of providing this community with pet and farm products we've all come to depend on, Mary was ready to slow down and retire.  We took over the store in September 2021 and are working hard to continue providing our community with excellent service, practical knowledge, and quality products we're all used to.  

     We sell a full range of pet foods, livestock feeds, bedding materials, farm supplies and more....

•  Wild bird Feed

•  Domestic Bird Feed

•  Small Animal Feed

  •  Guinea Pig

  •  Rat/Mouse 

  •  Rabbit

•  Poultry Feed

• Chicks

• Feeders, Waterers, Supplies

• Vet Supplies

•  Dog Food

•  Dog Treats

•  Dog Toys, leashes, collars

•  Cat Food

•  Cat Toys & Treats, Supplies 

•  Livestock supplies 

•  Tanks & Tank Heaters

• Goats Feed & Supplies

• Hog Feed & Supplies

• Sheep Feed & Supplies 

•  Horse Feed, Supplements & Tack

•  Cattle Feed & Supplies

•  Protein & Salt Blocks

•  Alfalfa, Orchard, Timothy Bales & Pellets

•  Chaffehay

•  Straw, Baled and chopped bedding

•  Animal bedding pellets & Shavings

•  Whole and Mixed Grains

• Grass Seed & Garden Seeds

• Fertilizers

• Wood Pellets & Energy Logs

• Baling Twine

• and more

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